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LaVenson Press is devoted to helping women and girls of color take ownership of their stories through publication. To that end, LaVenson Press hosts publishing workshops, and publishes a yearly literary magazine as well as anthologies that highlight the poetry, memoir, and fiction of women and girls of color. 


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Forthcoming Titles


Stitching Back Her Tongue: Black Women Writing Memoir, Zelda Lockhart, PhD Editor

The varied life experiences of modern day Black women are missing from contemporary memoirs. No, no, no. I'm not talking about the memoir of the pop-culture Black woman icon, but the woman from around the block.  


Post American slavery, there was the common woman who survived to write about being enslaved, and there were later the voices of the common Black women who survived the Jim Crow south.  These women were not famous, but had recently survived tragedies during eras of interest. Contemporary Black women unfortunately also survive the same tragedies of rape, economic disparity, and watching their children being taken away or killed. They also have unique ways of thriving despite these oppressions, unique lives, that if read, may be healing for others. 

There are reason's that we have stopped hearing her truths, but by publishing this anthology, we will take care of those.  

Contributors will be members of the Black Women Writing Memoir Workshop at Her Story Garden Studios, and those selected from a call for submissions. Check back for the submission guidelines and deadline for contributing to this and other books by women of color.

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