Tips For Your Writing

Which Way is Home by Zelda Lockhart

Expressing Yourself When the Words Won't Come

Sometimes the stress of daily life for women of color can be so compounded that we can't express our truest thoughts and feelings for all of the noisy ass chaos of social survival.

One of the ways to bring the true expression to the surface is to stop trying to write for a while and get the crayons, glue, magazines etc. out and make some visual art on the theme of your story. Try making art on the theme of home, belonging, loss, financial bliss, financial hell. You get the picture. Let yourself warm-up by making the 2D or 3D version of what you will be writing about. This will likely bring out a lot of visual significance that you hadn’t considered and will thus inspire your truth to flow out in words. Remember that making the art isn’t about seeing if you can be the next master artist, it’s about expressing yourself in one art form to inspire you to express yourself in another art form. 

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